Chris Schwach


Academy M-10

I built the kit OOTB with the following exceptions:

 A.  MV lenses for the front headlights and turret spotlight. Very thin Evergreen rod stock was used for the light cable on the turret.
 B.  Antennae's are from thin brass rod. Signal flags were fabricated from yellow 3M Post-It pad, painted yellow Americana acrylics.
 C.  Medical gauze netting behind the turret and on the left front fender...the usual application method weathered with Tamiya acrylics.
 D.  Wrapped guitar string for the fuel line to the aux fuel tan. This item provides the base for   each of the antennae's, too. The unwrapped guitar is excellent as an antennae and I wished I had used it for my antennae's in the first place.
E.  Lots of additional bolts and sheet plastic to detail some elements of the kit where it was completely omitted. Areas around the fuel tank and the lower rear of the hull; especially the final drives housings, also the front upper glacis.
I bought this kit at an AMP's show a few years ago. I am partial to 1/32nd scale and I was intrigued by how good it looked in the box.
 It builds up a bit faster than the 1/35th scale Italeri kit, but lacks much of the finesse of it's Italian cousin.

  I had a heck of a time with this kit due to the fragile nature of the headlight guards and road wheel, idler and drive sprocket attachment points.
 All the aforementioned areas lacked strong attachment points and several items were broken off during both construction and painting.

    I painted Tamiya acrylics over a flat black enamel base, using a cloud pattern.
 Weathering was done with washes of both oils and acrylics and a generous amount of pastels,
sometimes applied dry with a brush, sometimes wet, mixed with alcohol and sometimes mixed with acrylics and sprayed with an airbrush.
 Some additional highlights were done with a Prisma color pencil and regular number two pencil.0