David Abouserhal

M-20 Armored Utility Car
The Kit is the Tamiya M-20 Armored Utility Car.
The Vehicle is from the 2nd Armored Division, "Hell On Wheels" Europe 1944.
I used several update kits from Verlinden along with some Snow Chain Tires from Tank Workshop.
The Figure comes from Royal with a Warriors Head.
The Concrete Post and Tress are also from Verlinden, the Wood fences are made from Balsa Wood.
There is a ton of gear on the vehicle from Tamiya, Verlinden and Royal.

M18 Hellcat
This the Academy M-18 Hellcat, I used the Verlinden Exterior set and a Jordi Rubio Barrel.
The Figure is a mixture of Warriors parts. The Gear is mostly from VP.
I used Model Master and Humbrol Paints for the Vehicle. MMP Powders were also used  for the weathering..

The Model is the old Tamiya kit, I used Verlinden's Interior and Exterior Set. I did have a few fit problems.
The Figure is from Warriors with a different Warriors head.
The Wall is from Royal Models, the Tree is from VP as well, Most of the gear is from Verlinden.
Vehicle and figure were painted with Model Masters enamels, the Vehicle received a heavy coat of Dull Coat to avoid any problems during the weathering process. The Skin was done with Oils. I used Archer Dry transfers for the markings.

M 10 Tank Destroyer
This is the AFV Club U.S. M-10 tank. I had a fun time putting this one together, I also used Verlinden's update set and  AFV's Brass shells. I added the Culin Device to the vehicle, I'm sure by this time in the war the Culin would have been removed, But I really like the look of it. The figure standing is from Verlinden with a Warriors head, The Seated tanker is Verlinden with a Warriors head and and Warriors arms. Most of the gear packed on the vehicle is from Verlinden and DML The Paint job on the M-10 was done with Model Master paints and Pin Washed in Oils. The wet look mud was done with 2 part Envirotex.

M4A1 Sherman
Here is my finished Sherman M4A1: I wanted to depict a vehicle around Anzio 1943.The kit is the Highly detailed Resin product from Formations. The lower hull and wheels are fromItaleri, The tracks are AFV workable links. Some minor photo-etch pieces were used. The 50Cal.with 50 round ammo box is also from Formations. The figures are Warriors with switched out heads. The walls are from Kancali Products which you can get here at the WW2 Model Maker site. The Formations kit went together really well, no fit problems to mention, I had a little trouble with a few of the smaller items breaking. I'm not the most careful builder. I am Looking forward to using more of Formations products in the future. The AFV tracks gave me all kinds of problems, next time I go Rubber! They kept falling apart on me. The kit was Airbrushed with Model Master enamels, Pin washed with Oils, and I also used the MMP Powders. Most of the gear is from VP, Tamiya, DML and a few tarps made out of Epoxy Sculpt.

This is the Tamiya Steyr. Eduards photo etch set was used along with some items from the
V.P. set. The figures are Warriors with Hornet Heads. The Vehicle was painted with the same
Technique that Rhodes Williams has used on his Famo and Tiger Tank.
I used the Grumbacher Miskit Frisket Masking to achieve the Chipped paint look. Tamiya Magazine # 77
has a great article on how do build a Palm Tree, I used some of the methods explained on this tree.
Modern Options Instant Rust was used to simulate the rust seen on the Barrels.