Jim Lewis and his incredible 'Sopwith Camel' Armored Convoy Escort

Jim Lewis
Master Miniaturist
California, United States

GunTruck Studios produces high-quality military vehicle miniature.
Custom built to client specifications or simple model kit build-ups. Nothing here is mass produced.
I am a one-man shop, I take my time and GunTruck Studios is solely dedicated
to furthering the art of scale miniature modeling.
That means my primary pursuit is the enjoyment of this hobby - not price quotes and the pursuit of money!
If you're interested in finding out more about my miniature construction services to begin,
or to fill, a void in your collection, please email me - I'd love to hear from you!

You can also see Jim's work at; www.armorama.com

This is a conversion of AFV Club's M35A2 2 1/2-ton Cargo Truck.

Many Deuces were converted in early efforts to harden cargo trucks in defense of American truck convoys during the Vietnam War. The steel fighting compartment was a development employed on both the Deuce and the larger 5-ton cargo trucks. This miniature represents "Sopwith Camel" during service in Vietnam, 1968.
For more information on this build follow this link.
More Sopwith pictures here.

This is a scratch-conversion of the Italeri M1A2 Abrams into the 'A2 SEP standard currently in service. I modeled "BOOM STICK" based on photos of the tank just before deployment to Iraq in 2003, and as it appeared during service there. I upgraded and modified the Italeri model kit using the M1A2 SEP Abrams Technical Manual 9-2350-388-10-1. "BOOM STICK" was also equipped with a MCBS (Mine Clearing Blade System) during deployment, and I fitted the Tamiya subassembly to the modified Italeri kit. I used Technical Manual 9-2590-509-23P that covers the MCBS as fitted to the M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tanks to add the missing details on the Tamiya Mine Plow and to correct the ones present. All told, researching this particular tank and obtaining technical information on the details of the M1A2 SEP took over a year to wrap up.

M20 Armored Utility Car
"Double Dare" - 1944.
Tamiya's excellent M20 Armored Utility Car with scratchbuilt radio set, minor detailing additions, and an engine compartment built from Verlinden, Jaguar, and scratchbuilt components. Tamiya's M20 Armored Utility Car is a joy to build. This model is based largely on photos and information from the restored example. For more information on this build
follow this link.

M24 Chaffee Light Tank
- Korean War Era.
Italeri's original release of the M24 Chaffee Light Tank representing a newly deployed vehicle in Korea, Summer 1950.
Fruil T72E1 metal track links and a lot of scratchbuilt extra detail. For more information on this build
follow this link.

M4A1 Sherman - Derby.
This is Formations Models M4A1 with Applique Armor conversion kit for Italeri's M4A1 Sherman (Kit #225). The miniature represents "Derby", 67th Tank Battalion, as it appeared in mid-July, 1944 in Normandy. The model's markings are based on the photos of the tank taken that day, printed in Concord Publications references.

The model was built pretty much as suggested by the conversion, except for some small details particular to "Derby" like reversing the right-side Grouser Box Cover, Grab Handles on the Turret sides made with solder, Stowage Rack on the Turret rear made with foil and solder, and the improvised stowage platform on the Engine Deck made up of a discarded Pallet..

M4A3 Sherman - Cool Studs, Inc. #4..

WC-57 Command/Reconnaissance Car.
This is Skybow's kit(#TP3506) of General Patton's Command Car. This model was destroyed by a friend while helping me with a Garage Door repair. A couple of beer later, I decided to rebuild the model. Minor detailing, wiring and cabling, and some equipment was added to the model. The Skybow kit is a nice build as it comes in the box.

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