JON CROOKE'S SPRAY BOOTH - in the toilet !!
Yes, my spray booth is in the toilet. Why ? Well, I wanted an area inside the house, where I could spray paint, without affecting the rest of the family. This meant a small room / cupboard was required with an extractor fan. My house is very small, so I had a problem finding such a space. So I decided to go to the contemplation room and sit on the throne for a think and a sh..... well, you know. And then it dawned on me. I was sitting in a small room with an extractor fan !! The toilet. And now, my new spray booth.
The following pictures show my simple solution. Picture 1 - Normal WC with shelf above cistern. Picture 2 - Spray booth with the compressor on a shelf behind the toilet door.
Don't forget to make sure all family members have gone to the toilet before you start painting.

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